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Season two kicked off officially on November 4, 2016 and it did so with a bang. The two team leaders are back for a second round and they have friends helping the in the continuing quest for the Incan gold treasure. There is a lot at stake but in addition to the stress and anxiety involved with treasure hunting, there is a rush of adrenaline and excitement as well. Viewers feel is nearly as much as the crew members who are roughing it in the wild looking intently for any clue that may lead them to the yet undiscovered treasure. ​DISCOVERY CHANNEL







The hunt for an estimated $400million of Inca gold continues in Season 2 of Treasure Quest: Snake Island on Discovery.

At the end of last season, team leaders Jeremy Whalen and Cork Graham unlocked a big piece of the puzzle which appeared to show the hidden Treasure of the Trinity is buried somewhere in the Paraguayan jungle.

Now in Season 2 the team think they know almost exactly where it should be — all they need to do is find it.

But that’s not going to be easy when they’re up against the perils of the jungle, with their expedition pitting them against everything from vipers and piranhas to jaguars as they follow the trail of clues.

Throughout the 1700s the Jesuits and Guarani were custodians of the treasure and repeatedly moved it to stop others getting their hands on it. But nobody knows where its final resting place is.

In the new season of Treasure Quest: Snake Island the team face repeated problems as they search for the haul. The hunt starts to take its toll as they face setback after setback, and they being to wonder if the treasure is in some way cursed.

However, adapting as they go and using state-of-the-art treasure hunting tools they are sure they are honing in on the gold. The team taking part in Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 2 are team leaders Whalen and Graham, dive master Mehgan, boat captain Keith ‘Cappy’ Plaskett, survival expert Brett Tutor, and naturalist Emilio White.

The season kicks off with episode one, The Trail of Blood, as they leave Snake Island off the coast of Brazil and head on their adventure to the Paraguayan jungle.

It’s not long before they find a buried Inca artefact — but their search nearly comes to an end thanks to two life-threatening encounters. December, 2016

Treasure Quest: Snake Island airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

El Captain Keith Plaskett
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